Sunday, November 11, 2007

The US could learn a lot from Denmark about the pace of life. It is against the law to have your business open on Sunday. There is an exception, if your business is small and makes below a certain amount you can apply for permission to be open. The Danish have a mentality of nothing is so important that it cannot wait.

Since I was traveling on a Sunday I couldn't get a train direct to the Copenhagen airport. This meant I would have to stop at the city center and switch trains. I looked at my watch and thought I would have more fun exploring Copenhagen for a couple of hours than sitting at the airport. I had also heard there was some festival which meant many of the stores would be open.

As I walked out of the train station I was greeted by this wonderful shirt. It's nice to see the Danish are worried about Britney too.

I headed toward the familiar, so I went back the area by the Hotel Fox where we had stayed previously. It is a really cool area full of great restaurants and shops. Sadly all the things I wanted to see were not open nonetheless I still enjoyed walking around. I was really sad to be leaving Denmark. I could really see myself making a life there.

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