Monday, February 02, 2009

Yosoh: I Wear Your Shirt
February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Would you turn yourself into an ad space? Jason from Florida is doing just that. Through the marketer sells his wardrobe for every day of the year at “face value” (January 1st = $1, December 31st = $365).

My day is Feb. 2nd, 2009. For my $33 I will get blog posts, video posts and a live stream. Basically Jason will promote me all day not bad for $33.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have work featured in a new book entitled
UPSET: Young Contemporary Art
A new breed of contemporary artists is celebrating new found international recognition for their style and approach to creating art that is sprouting from and largely influenced by visual subcultures. The Upset documents the burgeoning artists in this new movement whose works are often figurative and narrative employing classical techniques with great skills to create sculpture, illustration design and painting with the use of spray cans, sharpies and elaborate colour palettes on canvas. In addition to the striking visual work, the book features portraits of artists as well as in-depth interviews with selected artists who are creating outstanding cutting-edge contemporary fine art.

Featured artists:
Maike Abetz / Oliver Drescher, Alexone, Grant Barnhart, Gary Baseman, Tilo Baumgartel, Tim Biskup, Mark Bradford, Daniele Buetti, Cailan Burns, Ray Caesar, Miguel Calderon, John Casey, Paul Chatem, The Clayton Brothers, Joe Coleman, John Currin, Brendan Danielsson, Stephan Doitschinoff, Blaise Drummond, Dzine, Ala Ebtekar, Martin Eder, David Ellis, Ron English, Faile, Christian Farner, Rosemarie Fiore, FriendsWithYou, Camille Rose Garcia, Os Gemeos, Michael Genovese, Charles Glaubitz, Benjamin Güdel, Robert Hardgrave, Maya Hayuk, Ryan Heshka, Femke Hiemstra, Cody Hudson, Gisela Insuaste, Rich Jacobs, John John Jesse, Colin Johnson, Mel Kadel, David Kassan, Aya Kato, David Kinsey, Henning Kles, Kozyndan, Susanne Kuehn, Mia Mäkila, Mateo, Elizabeth McGrath, Casey McKee, Jason McLean, Philip Metten, Moki, Brendan Monroe, Heiko Müller, Muntean/Rosenblum, Yoshimoto Nara, Aaron Nather, Anne Faith Nicholls, Jose Parla, Nigel Peake, Raymond Pettibon, Danielle de Picciotto, Anthony Pontius, Pooch, Johan Potma, Jeremy Pruitt, Leopold Rabus, Scott Radke, Rex Ray, Scott Rench, Daniel Richter, Rostarr, Christoph Ruckhaberle, Mark Ryden, Christoph Schmidberger, David Schnell, Sebastian Schrader, Michael Sieben, Michael Slack, Jeff Soto, Fred Stonehouse, David Stoupakis, Swoon, Johannes Tiepelmann, Chris Uphues, Miss Van, Vania | Ivan Zouravliov, Matthias Weischer, Martin Wittfooth and Chet Zar.

This book is now available in Europe with releases in Asia scheduled for early October and a November release in North America.

Editors: R. Klanten, H. Hellige, S. Ehmann, P. Alonzo
Language: English

Release: September 2008
Price: € 44,00 / $ 69,00 / £ 35,00
Format: 24 x 30 cm
Features: 288 pages, full colour, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-89955-221-8

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Work has been keeping me VERY busy but I am back on production of my new site and working hard to go live with at least a partial version this month. Please keep checking back.
Thanks again to Lucky magazine for featuring my work. It was in the regional section so unless you were in Chicago you would have missed it.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

EXTRA. EXTRA. My work will be featured in the regional section of LUCKY MAGAZINES August issue. Learn how to Look amazing in 5 minutes flat and see what I have been up to.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


While I was walking through downtown Pittsburgh I came across these photos in a window display. Now I have seen lots of sun faded images but these take it to an all new level.
Pittsburgh, PA @ Artist Image Resource
Here is a small sampling of the work exhibited featuring artists working in ceramics and print.
To see more images from this exhibit click here

Scott Rench

Paul Scott

Paul Wandless

Megumi Naitoh

Charlie Cummings

NCECA Pittsburgh was fun on many levels due to the fact that it is not from Edinboro University, where I received my MFA, I reconnected with lots of old friends. The first photo is of Ian Short who taught print making for many years at EU as well as the Chair of the Art Department. If you know anything about my story Ian was responsible for giving us a key to the Doucette Hall. It was here that over the course of Xmas break I spent about 15 hours a day teaching myself the Apple computer and the design programs. I wanted to learn them so I could apply them to ceramics and print. Ian and Bob Beckman, also a print teacher of mine, were very supportive of my exploration of ceramics and print. The two of them opened up a workshop/school/gallery in Pittsburgh called Artist Image Resources. Ian and Bob were nice enough to host the Clay & Print exhibit that coincided with the conference. It was really good to reconnect with them and see what a wonderful setup they have.

During the conference I reconnected with many Edinboro alumni that I had not seen for 10-15 years. My old studio partner Steve Dark showed up (guy with cap) from Mobile, Alabama and surprised all of us.

Also pictured above is Gerry Dinnen who was my neighbor at EU and is the only person I know who has held his Ceramic Master Thesis show at a miniature golf course. When I say at a golf course I mean his work was literally on the course.

And then there is my good friend Larry Geiger. Larry is the person responsible for showing me the world of Adobe. In life you never know what people will effect your life or how. My meeting Larry changed my life on so many levels. It changed how I work as an artist and opened the door to my successful career in advertising.

There are lots of people out there who have shaped my life, to many to mention. Many things will come and go from your life, but a good friend is there forever.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am in Pittsburgh, PA. attending the NCECA clay conference home to among other things HEINZ. Last night I caught up with two old friends I have not seen in 15 years. I'll be posting picks of shows and the like a little later. Hope you enjoy the ride.