Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I am back in Skaelskor after 2 days in Copenhagen. I have lots of photos and lots of stories so look for multiple posts over the next couple days. I am back in the US on Nov. 4th.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On Sunday I finally made some head way in the studio. Here is my self-portrait emoticon, 40cm x 50cm

Monday, October 29, 2007

When I first arrived in Skaelskor I was greeted by succession of modern windmills. Before I left I really wanted to see them up close. So after leaving Borreby Castle we headed toward the windmills off in the distance. I was hoping to hear if the windmills made any sounds, but the day of our ride the wind was almost nonexistent. The silence in Skaelskor is almost maddening, it is wonderful and at the same time eerie.

Saturday should have been spent in the studio, but it ended up being a day of leisure. We borrowed the centers bicycles and set out. Our first destination was a local castle. Along the way we cut through ribbons and ribbons of spider web strung across the road. We found a plaque that described Borreby castles history . The castle and grounds still have people living in it, there were so many interesting details. Earlier that morning we all heard what we thought were gun shot after gun shot. Once inside the castle grounds it was apparent what all the noise was from. Some 400 plus quail lay in presentation from the earlier shoot. We arrived as the hunters were filing by in full hunting gear. The sport of killing bothered me, I hope they will at least be eaten.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday night we were all ready for a little action so we went on a pub crawl visiting the two bars Skaelskor has to offer. The first bar we went to was dead, it seems everyone waits until 12:00 to hit the bars because it is to expensive. Ingrid wanted peanuts and we were refused because people were smoking. YES, you read correctly. They were not allowed to sell us peanuts because patrons were smoking. It has something to do with Danish law. Then we hit the other bar and it was much livelier. We thought we would play a game of pool only it was completely different. They did their best to explain it but in the end we just made our own rules. It's a combination of pool and bowling with out the nachos and stinky shoes.

While the workshop participants finished their work I spent some time in the yard surrounding the center. Here you can see the center from the backyard which include the tree with one eye or a butt, a brick tower, a cement sculpture and our unofficial Skaelskor mascot Cecil the crab.

Friday lacked drama so Ingrid decided to added a little of her own. Nick and Ingrid stayed up all night firing a small wood fire kiln and in the course of chopping wood Ingrid tried to chop off her fingers as well. There was a lot of blood, but everything was okay in the end. That night I was asked to grate beets which given what I had seen only hours earlier was really hard to stomach.

On Friday, everyone was either trying to finish work or trying to get in one last piece. In the end everything worked out and I think everyone walked away having learned something.

At the center teams of people take turns making dinner for the group. The US team, consisting of Ingrid, Nick and honorary member Hrefna(iceland) treated the group to a classic American dinner of meatloaf, baked mac'n cheese, peas and carrots and for desert homemade chocolate ship cookies. I know some of them thought it was a bit much but I loved it. Overheard: "that heavy American food" Huh! I was little worried what the food was going to be like here, but I have to say I have had some great meals.

Everyone was excited to printing and the studio was a buzz with energy long into the wee hours. With everyone busily at work I enjoyed a local beverage.

Here are some pics from Thursday's class print bonanza.

On Thursday, everyone had images on screens and were eager to print. In between answering questions and lending a hand I made some bits from my demo.

Friday, October 26, 2007

In the main house there is this really funny fire blanket kit that as far as I can tell says in case of fire put on high heels and wrap myself in the fire blanket and roll.

Well the three of us from the US have been thoroughly enjoying the Danish beer selections. We found one locally brewed beer called Harboe Bjørne Bryg to be quite nice. The locals say it is really cheap beer and turn their noses. I guess it is the Danish PBR but we love it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Well, today is the final day of the workshop and while we did have some bumps in the road it seems to have been a success. I have aged 10 years in the process. Lots of photos will try to post more later today.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Well I have been a little to busy to blog much the last couple of days. The group is making progress and I hope enjoying themselves. I was not wrong about the orginal bulb, it was most likely damaged in transit. The people kept telling us you cannot see the light because it's UV. Uhmmmmmmm. What? Well, I ran a test exposure today showing what different exposures would produce. Most of the screens seem to be working out. Tomorrow will be a full on work day for the participants. Okay time for bed.

DANISH RAMEN: THE UNBOXING. Well I finally cracked open my Danish ramen noodles which included dried veggies, packet of beef flavor, pouch of mystery oil, lil fork and napkin. It was your typical airport vending machine ramen. It's the closest thing you'll come to a Chinatown.