Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well, I had another pretty much sleepless night. Saturday was a really good day, I was in the studio feeling good about myself and making work. I woke up to a great sunrise, only to head into the studio only to see my piece had a giant crack in it. I let out a YELL that sent birds flying out of trees for a 10 miles radius. I yelled and I yelled again. Some time I really hate clay.

So with the crack being so large I scrapped my work and started over and cranked out two new pieces only to have them crack as well. I am not sure if it is me or the clay body. My studio mates have been really supportive and did what they could to keep me from losing it. It seemed I just can't catch a break. I soldiered on with my day and my lists of things to do while continuing to try and salvage the new work.

I went in for a second and was greeted by an amazing breakfast that I could not pass up. I wrapped up the day with getting the studio ready for tomorrows workshop and finished the work I started at least enough to show the workshop participants. I doubt either piece will come out of the kiln a success.

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