Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well, now I am settling into my room. I met the residents who are here now 3 of which are from the US so I should have some accomplises in checking out the local pubs. Each night people take turns cooking dinner. Tonight we had veal, fresh bread, potatos and a tasty vegtable. It is erily quite here compared to my Chicago apartment. I am still jet and xanax lagged. Still lots to sort out before I can start making work. Here is a pic out my window at the studios across the way.

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C. R. Batman said...

Interesting information. I long to go to Skaelskor. My paternal heritage is rooted there. Can one move about freely? What papers does one need to travel? Is there a limit on the visiting time?
Can yo tell me more . . . Oh, also am an artist.