Saturday, April 05, 2008

NCECA Pittsburgh was fun on many levels due to the fact that it is not from Edinboro University, where I received my MFA, I reconnected with lots of old friends. The first photo is of Ian Short who taught print making for many years at EU as well as the Chair of the Art Department. If you know anything about my story Ian was responsible for giving us a key to the Doucette Hall. It was here that over the course of Xmas break I spent about 15 hours a day teaching myself the Apple computer and the design programs. I wanted to learn them so I could apply them to ceramics and print. Ian and Bob Beckman, also a print teacher of mine, were very supportive of my exploration of ceramics and print. The two of them opened up a workshop/school/gallery in Pittsburgh called Artist Image Resources. Ian and Bob were nice enough to host the Clay & Print exhibit that coincided with the conference. It was really good to reconnect with them and see what a wonderful setup they have.

During the conference I reconnected with many Edinboro alumni that I had not seen for 10-15 years. My old studio partner Steve Dark showed up (guy with cap) from Mobile, Alabama and surprised all of us.

Also pictured above is Gerry Dinnen who was my neighbor at EU and is the only person I know who has held his Ceramic Master Thesis show at a miniature golf course. When I say at a golf course I mean his work was literally on the course.

And then there is my good friend Larry Geiger. Larry is the person responsible for showing me the world of Adobe. In life you never know what people will effect your life or how. My meeting Larry changed my life on so many levels. It changed how I work as an artist and opened the door to my successful career in advertising.

There are lots of people out there who have shaped my life, to many to mention. Many things will come and go from your life, but a good friend is there forever.

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