Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On Friday November, 2nd at 9:00 PM the Danish beer companies released their Christmas beer. I am told in the larger cities, trucks hand out FREE Christmas beer. It's a Danish tradition and apparently a big party. The entire house decided to embrace this tradition with open arms. So the 18 or so of us descended on the two bar town. Going to the bar can be expensive so the locals do a little partying at home and show up around 12:00.

As the night went on we embraced the Christmas beer more and more. The girls started dancing and quickly over took the local couple trying to have their night out. On several occasions they tried to drag me on the dance floor. I explained to them that I only dance once a year usually at weddings when I have had way to much to drink.

There was plenty of laughter and tom foolery. At times our tables lay hidden under a sea of Christmas bottles.

Ane heard me exclaim "I want a Christmas hat" and bought the one a big sweaty man was wearing. The gesture meant a lot, so sweat soaked and all I wore that hat with Danish pride.

Filling up on the Christmas brew I fulfilled my dance quota for the year. I danced at a feverish pace displaying a series of moves which included, the running man, the robot, cabbage patch, and many more. The next morning you could feel the collective pain of the house, some did not make it out of bed until dinner time.

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